A volunteer team from Aizu Active Association (AAA)( ※1) won the Panasonic D+IO Award at the "Hackathon for Our Wellbeing 2021".
In the future, the winning entries will be posted on Panasonic's website.


Hackathon name: Hackathon for Our Wellbeing 2021

Venue: Held in remote

Host: Panasonic Corporation; Fujitsu

Award Details: Panasonic D+IO (Doing I.O.) Award

Work developed: EggMessenger, a device that can resonate emotions even remotely

This time, there will be no ranking of the winner or the grand prize, only corporate awards.

Team Members:

Sugii Yuta (University of Aizu Alumni)

Sugita Kazutoshi (University of Aizu Alumni)

Saito Takumi (University of Aizu Alumni)

tamamura himawari Royal College of ArtImperial College

※1 Aizu Active Association (commonly known as AAA) (Japanese text only)

AAA is an official club activity organization of the University of Aizu with the aim of encouraging students to be active in the Aizu region.

Event Details (Japanese text only)

Awarded Products

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