"RT Middleware Meeting" was held at the UBIC 3D Theater on Friday, March 4, 2016.

This meeting was held as a part of "The University of Aizu Robot Valley Promotion Project". The purpose of this project is to provide technical support for robotics development utilizing the University's strength in ICT and to contribute to the realization of the Fukushima International Research-Industry City Initiative (Innovation Coast) Project through collaboration between the Aizu IT Valley and Hamadori Robotics Valley. A total of 20 people including the UoA students and working adults participated in the meeting.

The meeting provided the participants with an explanation of the concepts behind RT Middleware and the RT component, as well as instructions on the creation of RT component and use of the various tools in RT Middleware. The participants learned how to use RT Middleware in practical style by creating RT components, operating the moving robot "KOBUKI" and educational lego robot EV3 with the components.

This is the second RT Middleware Meeting held at the UoA.

Last year, lecturers were invited from the Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). This year, the event was operated solely by the UoA and Fukushima companies using the software library on the LICTiA cloud.

The participants were excited to see the robot moving with programs created by them.

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