On Sunday, August 28, 2016, a group lead by Professor Toshiaki Miyazaki (*1) and Associate Professor Peng Li (*2) participated in the Fukushima Prefecture Comprehensive Disaster Drills held at the Aizu Athletic Park. The group demonstrated a Resilient Information Management System (RIM) which is being developed as a part of Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion (SIP) Program.

RIM is a system that provides an enrollment which allows users to share information between each other using their smartphones and tablets when internet and celluar service is unavailable during a disaster. Fukushima governor Masao Uchibori, many individuals involved in fire and disaster management, as well as members of the public participated in the demonstration. Many of the participants provided valuable comments on the future development and improvement of RIM.

Speaking on the future prospects for RIM, Professor Miyazaki commented "This demonstration has increased my confidence that the RIM will prove to be a useful system in the confusing period immediately after a disaster occurs. We will aim at the implement the system in the real world as soon as possible."

rim201601.jpg rim201603.jpg
Demonstration during a drill to set up an indoor evacuation center (Left), The group explaining the system to the Fukushima governor Uchibori during the outdoor demonstration (Right)

Outdoor demonstration

*1 Prof. Toshiaki Miyazaki
*2 Associate Prof. Peng Li

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