On June 29 (Wed), 2016, the University of Aizu concluded a general inter-university agreement with China's Northeastern University Qinhuangdao Branch. The UoA has partnered with universities and research institutes in 19 countries around the world. Northeastern University Qinhuangdao Branch is the UoA's 67th partner university.

Located in Qinhuangdao, Heibei Province, People's Republic of China, Northeastern University Qinhuangdao Branch was founded in 1987. Northeastern University is a national university with some 10,000 students, and is designated as one of China's National Key Universities. In particular, it puts efforts into industry-academia collaboration and education in technological innovation.

The agreement signing ceremony was conducted at the UoA. Delegates from Northeastern University Qinhuangdao Branch included University President Jianchang LIU, Dean of the Undergraduate Department of Control Engineering Fengwen WANG, and Technology Center Director Zhenhe MA. Delegates from the UoA included University President Ryuichi Oka, as well as Vice President and Shigaku Tei. 

University President Ryuichi Oka greeted the delegates, stating "We are looking forward to accepting excellent exchange students and having them increase understanding of Fukushima in order to disseminate information on both the region's appeal and the developments we're making in ICT around the world." During his address, University President Liu spoke that "this partnership agreement will lead to the construction of a steadfast foundation for collaboration between Japan and China in the field of ICT." After the signing of the agreement, gifts were exchanged, a commemorative photo was taken, and an explanation of the aim of the agreement was given.

In the future, both universities will conduct exchanges through the sharing of scientific, academic, and technical information, the promotion of collaborative research and development, exchanges of students and faculty members through joint hosting of seminars and conferences, joint participation in international projects, and more.


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