On Friday, September 23, 2016, the SAISUA (The Support Association for International Students of the University of Aizu *1) scholarship presentation ceremony was held at the North Lounge of the Research Quadrangles. SAISUA provides scholarships for international students to help them concentrate on their studies. Inviting applications every six months SAISUA selects international students in need of financial support and demonstrating superior academic performance.

SAISUA President Julian Villegas (*2) explained the purpose of the scholarship and asked the three scholarship recipients to use the scholarship to acquire Japanese and participate in a wide range of activities both on campus and off. After that, the three recipients, Hiruni Madhusha (Sri Lanka, 1st year Ph.D), William Hutchinson Putnam 3rd (United States, 1st. year M.Sc.) and Abaslom Ngwabinkaa Shu (Cameroon, 1st. year M.Sc.) received their scholarships.

The three recipients gave thanks and spoke on their aspirations with comments such as "It was a great honor to have been selected from among so many applicants," "I will use this precious financial gift carefully," and "This scholarship is a great encouragement for my studies, and I am looking forward to actively participating in many different activities." After the ceremony, the members of SAISUA took a commemorative photograph with the recipients.

These three recipients will actively participate in events organized by SAISUA and the Office for Strategy of the International Programs (OSIP) and in community activities.

saisua160901.jpg saisua160902.jpg
Ms. Madhusha (left) and Mr. Putnam (right) receive their scholarships from Chairperson Villegas

saisua160903.jpg saisua160904.jpg
Mr. Shu receives his scholarship from Chairperson Villegas (left), SAISUA members take a commemorative photo with the recipients (right)

*2 Julian Villegas

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