7, June 2021

Dear All students,

Chairperson of the Board of Executives,

Regarding the teaching method after the second quarter

 As "intensive countermeasures against New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases in Aizuwakamatsu City" including refraining from nonessential outings ends on June 7, courses will be delivered in-person, same as April, after the second quarter which starts from June 9.

 Please confirm the followings again Infection prevention measures when the courses are implemented" and "The exceptional cases permitted teaching online" when you take the courses.

 As the Fukushima Prefecture COVID-19 priority measures will be in effect until June 30 throughout the prefecture, please continue to pay close attention to the basic countermeasures against infectious diseases and refrain from activities with high risk of infection.

(Please note that these measures are subject to change as the situation regarding COVID-19 changes daily.)


[Infection prevention measures when the courses are implemented]

  Please follow the infection prevention measures described in "Guidelines for Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) at the University of Aizu."


In particular, please pay attention to the following items.

  1. Make sure to wear a mask
  2.  Mask shall be worn on campus, in principle.
    If the students who are not wearing a mask in class etc. are found, faculty members should tell them to follow the guidelines. Masks are available for purchase in the University shop (SLS). /p>

  3. Avoidance of crowded places with many people nearby and close-contact setting such as close-range conversations, when entering the lecture rooms/ exercise rooms etc.
  4. At the beginning and end of classes, please observe the followings and avoid overcrowding and close-contact setting at the entrances and exits.

    ✓ The students leaving the room should be given priority, and the students entering the room should wait at a distance in the corridor.

    ✓ Do not stay near the entrance/exit, and enter/exit the room promptly.

    ✓ Refrain from talking near entrances and exits.

[The exceptional cases permitted teaching online]

  1. Students with such health conditions as diabetes, cardiac failure, respiratory ailment (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) ask for online lessons (certificate from the doctor



  2. Students cannot come to the campus due to immigration restrictions to Japan of their home

    country or the border control of the Japanese government.

    *In both cases, only those students are allowed to attend classes online.

  3. Part-time lectures cannot easily come to the campus for such reasons as the travel restriction of the area where they live.
  4. In case online teaching is necessary, such as students or professors feel sick or are confirmed as a person who had high-risk contact.
  5. https://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/information/Course_delivery_methods_AY2021_en.pdf

(Contact: Academic Affairs Section, E-mail: sad-aas@u-aizu.ac.jp)

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