On Wednesday, September 15, 2021, the Degree Conferment Ceremony of Autumn AY2021 was held. 44 individuals, including 25 from the Computer Science and Engineering Master's Program, 6 from the Doctoral Program, and 13 from the Undergraduate School of Computer Science and Engineering received degrees.

At the conferment ceremony, University President MIYAZAKI Toshiaki used his address to encourage the newly-minted graduates, stating "Since its founding, the University of Aizu has admitted diverse students from Japan and around the world and produced both computer scientists who can succeed in international society and engineers highly skilled in information and communications technology. I am immensely proud of the fact that each of you who have mastered cutting-edge technology here at the University of Aizu are about to go out from Aizu into the broader world with a noble spirit cultivated in the region's rich natural environment. Even if you face difficulty in future, your drive and your free thinking unbound by convention wisdom will allow you to overcome it. It is my strong hope that the knowledge you have acquired and relationships you have formed at the University of Aizu help you to build a bright future. I have high expectations for your future achievements."

Doctor LE Doan Hoang, representing those who completed the respective programs expressed his gratitude and future plans in his address, stating "Having to say goodbye to the University where we were nourished is really difficult for us. Although we will be working in different areas with different positions, we strongly believe that the spiritual and technical foundations fostered by the University will continue fanning our burning passion "to advance knowledge for humanity," the mission of the University. Many challenges are yet to come, but we will surely make our way through them."

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