On Thursday, March 30, 2020, the top performing students for Academic Year 2019 were awarded certificates. The University of Aizu utilizes a Grade Point Average (GPA) system, and the top three performers from the undergraduate school are awarded. GPA is an internationally recognized standard for university grades, and a student's GPA is a major factor in landing a job, getting in to graduate school, and for studying abroad. (※1)

At the award ceremony, President Oka handed award certificates and book cards (gift certificate for books) to the top performing students. The awardees are listed below. The top performers amongst 4th-year students were awarded with the President's Award and Awards of Excellence at the degree conferment ceremony. (※2)

Undergraduate School
First-year students

Undergraduate School
Second-year students

Undergraduate School
Third-year students

Takahashi, Hikaru

Ito, Ryoya

Muraki, Masaya

Hoshino, Yusui

Kanno, Daiki

Phea, Sinchhean

Takiguchi, Yuto

Murakami, Hiromu

Matsuo, Yuhi

ExcellentStudentAward2019_01.jpg ExcellentStudentAward2019_02.jpg

※1 Examinations and Assessment of Academic Performance

※2 Degree Conferment Ceremony for Academic Year 2019 Held

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