On September 19, 2018 (Wed), the Degree Conferment Ceremony of Autumn AY2018 was held. 21 individuals, including 14 from the Undergraduate School of Computer Science and Engineering, 5 from the Computer Science and Engineering Master's Program, and 2 from the Doctoral Program received degrees.

Seven international students among undergraduate graduates are the first transferred students to the 3rd year of "ICT Global Program All-English Undergraduate Course"* which was founded in 2016.

*A course that students can graduate from the undergraduate school by taking general education courses and specialized courses entirely in English.

At the conferment ceremony, University President Ryuichi Oka used his address to encourage the newly-minted graduates, stating "IT and the business related to it are changing rapidly, and it is the speed of this change that brings vitality to the IT industry. It is my sincere hope that the knowledge you gained here will serve as a foothold as you step up your unyielding efforts towards achieving your illustrious goals while looking back at the history of each technology and fully understanding what about it is new."

For student commendation, Mr. Bui Hoang Anh Tuan, who completed the master's program, was awarded the President's Award and a supplementary prize.

Mr. Bui Hoang Anh Tuan, representing those who completed the respective programs expressed his gratitude and future plans in his address, stating "Having to say goodbye to the University where we were nourished is really hard for us. However, we strongly believe that the spiritual and technical foundations fostered by the University will continue fanning our burning passion to "advance knowledge for humanity" in the future. Many challenges are yet to come, but we will surely make our ways through."

Also, at the end of the award ceremony, a graduation party held by the association was held.On behalf of graduates, Mr.Chen Qiu, a graduate of the ICT Global Program All-English Undergraduate Course, made a speech about future studies and student life at the University of Aizu.This last party for student life was held in a peaceful atmosphere and the participants were enjoying the conversation.









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