In the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, 12 students entered from three countries; China, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe. 23 students from Seven countries and regions; Burundi, China, United States of America, Taiwan, Vietnam, Nigeria, and Japan were admitted to master's program, while Six students from Four countries and regions; China, Vietnam, India, and Japan were admitted to the doctoral program.

In welcome address, the university president Ryuichi Oka proved guidance to the new students, stating that "Thinking for yourself will gradually become a source of strength that leads you to the next step. What is consistently important is that you always continue to think for yourselves. I hope that you will build an intimate understanding of the leading-edge on top of a solid foundation of fundamental knowledge in a wide range of fields. If you do this, you will be capable of making your dreams come true. Finally, I hope that you will become capable of playing a role as a member of international society." Mr. Guo Zhe, from China, made an oath on behalf of the new students admitted to the undergraduate and graduate schools respectively, marking the start of their university life at the University of Aizu.


Mr. Guo Zhe



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