On October 17, 2018, World Robot Challenge 2018, the robot competition in an event of World Robot Summit 2018 was held, and the team of UoA (REL/UoA) won the 1st place in the category of Tunnel Disaster Response and Recovery Challenge.

Also, in the category of Standard Disaster Robotics Challenge, the team REL/UoA competed solidly and came in the 13th place among 19 teams from around the world.

Picture 1
At award ceremony, REL/UoA won the 1st place in Tunnel Disaster Response and Recovery Challenge.
(From left, Prof. Ogawa, Mr. Kaminomon, and Mr. Abe)


Picture 2
The whole team of REL/UoA gathered and celebrated after the ceremony.


World Robot Summit 2018

World Robot Challenge 2018 Awards ceremony [47:00-]

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