Entrance Examination

Students that wish to enter this program should apply for the admission of the Graduate School of Computer Science and Engineering. This is the standard examination for the Master's programs. Admission Capacity will be 20 students.Please check the details on the Admission page.

*Department will be "Information Technology and Project Management".

Admission Policy

Admission Policy


  • Individuals with a bachelor/master degree in one of the major computing disciplines (including foreign applicants with equivalent qualifications)

Expected Abilities

  • Applicants are expected to have received adequate training in the fields of programming languages, operating systems, and English. It is expected that applicants are proficient in C++ or Java.
  • Depending on the level of proficiency, students may be required to take conversion/undergraduate courses.

Recommendations from the applicant's affiliated company will be given substantial consideration.

Completion Requirement

The requirement for completion of the new program is expected to be 50 units of credits. The distribution of the units are as the following:

Software Development Arena 20
Required Courses 8
Electives Courses 14
Seminars 8


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