To graduate from the University, the minimum academic residence period of four years is required. Additionally, as specified in the following table, ATTACHED TABLE NO. 3, students must earn the minimum requisite number of credits set for respective course categories, and must acquire at least 128 academic credits in total (with the exception of optional courses) including the following:

  • At least 10 credits from general education courses;
  • At least 15 credits from English language courses;
  • At least 95 credits from Upper Division courses; and
  • 8 credits from the course, "Graduation Theses"

If the designated requirements are fulfilled based on the "University of Aizu Regulation Concerning Early Graduation," relevant students may graduate from the University 3 years after their admission. In case of early graduation, students are encouraged to go on to the Graduate School, as they can complete both the Undergraduate/Graduate Programs within 5 years and obtain the Master's degree. (For requirements for early graduation, please refer to "The University of Aizu Regulation Concerning Early Graduation".)

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