(Please also refer to "12. (6) Constraints regarding Course Registration" below.)

(1) Standard Year of Course Completion

A systematic curriculum for studying computer science has been established at the University, and the standard years for registration when students should register for and take specific courses are designated. In cases where students cannot take courses and earn credits in designated academic years, they may have difficulties in re-taking of the courses in following years due to class schedules, etc. Students are encouraged to register for courses in the academic years designated for the courses.

(※NOTE 1)Students who wish to register for courses for students of upper grade levels are allowed to register for those courses only in cases where there are vacant seats for the courses and belonging to the Honors program and approval of AAC. To attend those courses, obtain approval from instructors in charge of relevant courses, and hand in the designated form, "Course Registration Request Form for Courses Usually Only Open to Students of Upper Grade Levels" to the Academic Affairs Section by the designated deadline.

(※NOTE 2)Concerning first-/second-year students who have attained 500 points or higher in TOEIC exams, they are qualified to take English language courses normally offered for third-year students in cases approval of AAC. Those who wish to do so must obtain approval from the relevant instructors of the courses within a designated period and submit the designated form, "Application for Taking Advanced English Courses," to the Student Affairs Division.

(2) Prerequisites

There are close relationship among several courses, and classes are held on the premise of the knowledge of the preceding courses, so be sure to check with the syllabus when you take the course.

Responsibility for the wording of this article lies with Student Affairs Division

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