Since AY 2008, the "Department of Computer Science and Engineering" was established. The two departments, "Department of Computer Software" and "Department of Computer Hardware," were discontinued at the end of AY 2008, and all enrolled students are affiliated with the "Department of Computer Science and Engineering".

From AY2018, New curriculum was introduced and the regulation on the completion had been revised.

Regular Courses

"Learning" can be defined as systematic acquisition of knowledge, which at the same time, includes innovative development and creative activities. This also includes fundamental knowledge (as roots) for innovative development, which branch out into other areas.
Curriculums of the University of Aizu have always been created as a result of pursuit of ideal education, more specifically, to carefully consider the most important aspect of the field of computer science and engineering, to systematically teach students fundamental knowledge, and to help nurture students' abilities to apply specialized techniques based on this fundamental knowledge.

  1. Features of the Curriculum
  2. Classification of Courses (Categories)
  3. Graduation Theses
  4. Academic Credit System
  5. Class Periods
  6. Class Term Categories
  7. Prerequisites for Registration of Courses
  8. Graduation Requirements
  9. Course Registration
  10. Class Formats and Capacities
  11. Examinations and Assessment of Academic Performance
  12. Authorization for Completion of Tracks
  13. Authorization for Academic Credits Earned Prior to Admission to the University of Aizu
  14. Commendations for Students
  15. Detection and Care for Students Experiencing Severe Difficulty with Poor Academic Performance, etc. at an Early Juncture, and Recommendation to Withdraw from the University
  16. Inter-University Academic Credit Transfer System
  17. Interim Measures
  18. The University of Aizu Honors Programs
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