Humanities and Social Sciences

Noriyuki Kikuchi, Professor
Noriyuki Kikuchi, Professor

The University of Aizu offers a variety of courses related to Humanities and Social Sciences.These courses aim at expansion of the understanding of the background and surrounding fields of computer science, as well as acquisition of well-rounded basic ways of thinking and methodologies regarding culture and science.Currently, there are 15 courses in this course group, including "Philosophy," "Psychology," "Literature," "Jurisprudence," "Sociology" and "History of Science."
Students are required to take 4 courses or more among these 15 courses.We recommend our students to take as many courses as possible in order to broaden their perspectives.
I teach "Philosophy," one of many courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences.
The further you study philosophy, the more interesting it becomes to you.You may find that philosophers whose names you have heard were quite odd, or you may find that there were many philosophers who doubted existence of the objects right in front of them.

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Logic
  • Psychology
  • Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Art
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Documentation
  • Jurisprudence
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Constitution of Japan
  • International Relations
  • Theory of Physical Education
  • History of Science and Technology
  • Social Simulation
  • Culture and History of Aizu

Physical Activities

Ken Nakazawa, Senior Associate Professor
Ken Nakazawa,
Senior Associate Professor

Physical activity courses held once a week help you release the body and mind, and provide opportunities to have face-to-face interaction with classmates.Only in youth, can people challenge and experience potential of their physical functions, because physical functions reach their peak during one's youth.There are many things that you should attain through development of physical strength in your youth.Aggressiveness, cooperativeness, frustration tolerance, etc. you acquire through physical activities will influence your body and mind, and form your "zest for living," which will surely help you in various activities including research seminars at the University and your future life after graduation.
Physical activity courses are specifically necessary for computer science and engineering-oriented students, as they spend most of the time at universities sitting in front of computers.

  • Physical Activities
  • Physical Activity 1
  • Physical Activity 2
  • Physical Activity 3
  • Physical Activity 4

English Language Courses

Ian Wilson, Professor
Ian Wilson, Professor

The Center for Language Research is known around the world for its research in English for academic and professional proposes, educational methods and technologies, testing and assessment, corpus linguistics, elearning, usability, phonetics, regional dialects, international negotiation, and other areas related to English language use and training. For ambitious students who wish to become global professionals, the Center for Language Research offers high-level, research-based English language training that surpasses that which is offered at nearly every other university of science and engineering around the world. Come join us if you want to become a real international pro!

  • English Language Courses
  • Introductory English 1
  • Introductory English 2
  • Introductory English 3
  • Introductory English 4
  • Intermediate English 1
  • Intermediate English 2
  • Intermediate English 3
  • Thesis Writing and Presentation
  • Advanced English Acquisition
  • Advanced Professional English Applications
  • Advanced English and Technology
  • Global Experience Gateway

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