Our Technical Communicator (TC) Specialized Program was Accredited

Our Technical Communicator (TC) specialized program, which consists of courses offered at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Engineering was partially accredited by the Japan Technical Communicators Association (a public incorporated foundation comprised of technical communication specialists) on February 28, 2017. The TC program is composed of several fields of study and the table below shows which courses correspond to each field. In order to be certified as having completed the TC program, students need to earn 18 credits or more through the courses listed while also earning the required number of credits in each field. However, these credits must have been earned from courses taken in AY2017 or after. Regarding the field of "TC Fundamentals", since there is no corresponding course at our university, students are required to take an intensive course to be organized by the Japan Technical Communicators Association.

【Course correspondence table(From December 2019)】


Knowledge and skills required for a technical communicator (JTCA)


Courses of UoA


Field of Knowledge and skills

必要単位 開講科目/Courses 単位数


Standard Year of Course Completion

Required credits Cresits


Basic Technical Communication



Intensive courses offered at JTCA are also available.

- -


Information gathering and analysis

2 EL315 Design and Analysis for IT Business 2 3


Planning and designing a document

2 EL222: Business Writing & Presentation 2 3

OT01 ベンチャー基本コース各論  

OT01-I Basic Knowledge Course on Staring Up Ventures I ,Ⅱ

2 2~4


Information architecture


LI04 コンピュータシステム概論       

LI04 Intro. Computer Systems

2 1

SE07 データベースシステム論       

SE07 Database Systems

3 3

LI11 コンピュータネットワーク概論     

LI11 Intro. to Computer Networking

2 2


Production Management and Direction of the production process


SE05 ソフトウェアスタジオ        

SE05 Software Studio

3 4

FU14 ソフトウェア工学概論        

FU14 Intro. to Software Engineering

3 3

LI09 システム開発とプロジェクトマネジメントの基礎

LI09 Fundamentals of System Development and Project Management

2 4


Visualization and Expression Design

2 IT02 Computer Graphics 3 3
EL234 Research Poster Presentation 2 3
EL213 Design of Movies for Professional Communication 2 3

LI10 マルチメディアシステム概論

LI10 Introduction to Multimedia Systems

2 2




HS21 アカデミックスキル1

HS21 Academic Skills 1

2 1~2

HS21 アカデミックスキル2

HS21 Academic Skills 2

2 1~2


Writing in English

2 EN07 Intermediate English 3 2 2
周辺分野Peripheral domainsPeripheral domains  

ユーザーインターフェイスUser Interface


IT06 ヒューマンインターフェイスと仮想現実

IT06 Human Interface and Virtual Reality

3 4
コンプライアンス Compliance

HS09 法学

HS09 Jurisprudence

2 1~2

LI06 情報セキュリティ

LI06 Information Security

2 1

異文化理解       Understanding foreign cultures

EL244 An Introduction to Cross-cultural Communication 2 3

HS13 国際関係論

HS13 International Relations

2 1~2

In order to obtain a certificate for completion of the TC program, each student is required to individually send an application for certification of completion of the program, a proof of acquisition of credits for certified courses, and the application fee (3,000 yen, tax excluded) to the Japan Technical Communicators Association. Once their application is accepted, they will be able to obtain the certificate.

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