1. Software for online lecture and Classroom simulcast (Zoom)

At UoA, we mainly use the video conference system Zoom to conduct online lecture and classroom simulcast.

2. Reference Manual

For Faculty members
Zoom start (2020.4.6 Online WG) - English version
How to download / delete Zoom cloud records 日本語版 English version
How to upload Zoom movie to video server (ISTC) 日本語版 English version
Classroom simulcast manual (for M1 - M10) 日本語版 English version

Classroom simulcast manual

(for Auditorium - Lecture Theater)

日本語版 English version

- We do not instruct students to create a Zoom account.

Therefore, please set "Only authenticated users can join" to "OFF" when setting up a Zoom meeting so that even students who do not have an account can participate in the meeting.

- Please do not upload Zoom videos to LMS as the data storage capacity of LMS is limited.

*Manual for LMS(Moodle)

For Students
Manual for online lecture via Zoom(Main Features) 日本語版 English version

Communication environment for online lectures

We recommend an environment where you can take online lectures by connecting a smartphone or PC using a fixed high-speed line such as an optical line, or an environment where you can use a mobile Wi-Fi router with about 50GB / month without any speed limitation.

3. Information about using Zoom in a classroom

Information about using Zoom in a classroom(ISTC)

For troubleshooting, please e-mail to std-help@u-aizu.ac.jp

Troubles related to administrative matters: Student Affairs Division (sad-aas@u-aizu.ac.jp, 0242-37-2600)
Office hours: weekdays 8:30-17:00

Responsibility for the wording of this article lies with Student Affairs Division

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