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S​A​/​T​A​​​ ​C​​​o​​​n​​​f​​​i​​​r​​​m​​​a​​​t​​​i​​​o​​​n​​​ ​​​F​​​o​​​r​​​m (*internal access only) S​A​/​T​A​​​ ​C​​​o​​​n​​​f​​​i​​​r​​​m​​​a​​​t​​​i​​​o​​​n​​​ ​​​F​​​o​​​r​​​m (*internal access only)
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Points of Coution Regarding TA/SA Duties and Filling Out Reports (*internal access only)

Outline of the SA System

1 Purpose
The SA System aims to realize refined guidance for undergraduate education by providing opportunities for excellent undergraduates to conduct education assistant work under educational consideration.

2  Duties
SA duties shall be assisting work concerning lectures, practical training and experimentation.

3 Period of Entrustment and Time of Engagement in Duties
The period of entrustment for SAs shall be six months or less, and the initial time of engagement, in principle, shall be the first day of the first and second semesters.

4  Entrustment
Faculty members responsible for computer fundamental courses desiring to employ SAs shall select students whom they judge as qualifying as SAs, prepare "STUDENT ASSISTANT/TEACHING ASSISTANT INSTRUCTION PLAN" and submit it to the Director General of the Department for Student Affairs. Students to be engaged in SA work shall submit the "STUDENT ASSISTANT/TEACHING ASSISTANT CONFIRMATION FORM" to the Department for Student Affairs.
Both the "STUDENT ASSISTANT/TEACHING ASSISTANT INSTRUCTION PLAN" submitted by faculty and "STUDENT ASSISTANT/TEACHING ASSISTANT CONFIRMATION FORM" submitted by corresponding SAs shall be deliberated on by the Academic Affairs Committee. Then, these forms shall be sent to the University President for authorization. As evidence of authorization, the "Letter of Entrustment" shall be delivered to each SA.

SAs, following the completion of duties each month, shall promptly complete the "Implementation Report Form," have it confirmed by corresponding faculty members, and submit it to the Department for Student Affairs by the fifth day of the following month.

6 Salary
SAs shall receive salaries, which will be paid to their designated bank accounts. SAs are requested to report their bank account numbers to the Student Affairs Division in advance.

7  Handling of clerical matters
Clerical matters concerning SAs shall be handled by the Academic Affairs Section of the Student Affairs Division.

8  Rules regarding the SA System
The "Outline on the Implementation of the University of Aizu Student Assistant System (*internal access only)" provides for rules regarding the SA System.

In addition to the SA System, our University has the "Teaching Assistant (TA) System" intended for graduate students, for which summary is given below.
- About the TA System

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