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Center for Language Research (CLR)
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Courses - Undergraduate
EL141 Computer Assisted EthnomusicologyE2 English for Computer Science: Reading and Writing 1E6 English for Computer Science: Speaking and Writing 3E2 English for Computer Science: Reading and Writing 1
Courses - Graduate


Music and Language: Music and Computer assisted communicative language teaching/learningComputational Ethnomusicology: E-field work methodologiesHispanic Influences in the Music of the Asia-Pacific: Music of the PhilippinesMusic in Migrant Communities: Australia and New Zealand
Educational Background, Biography
Ph. D. Ethnomusicology. University of Canterbury, 2013. Oxford University Visiting Student, 2011 (Wolfson College) M. A. (with first class honours). University of Canterbury, 2009. B. Mus (honours). University of Queensland, 1992. Cert. TESOL East Coast College of English, 1998.
Current Research Theme
Computer Assisted Language Learning Incorporating Music (CALLIM)
Key Topic
Affiliated Academic Society
Oxford University Alumni Association Royal Society of New Zealand Japan Association of Language Teachers JATCALL Society for Ethnomusicology SEM


Playing classical and bossa nova guitar
School days' Dream
When I was a schoolboy I dreamed of becoming an astronaut and travelling into outer space. My schoolteacher helped me write a letter to NASA. NASA replied, encouraging me to study hard so that maybe one day my wish could come true. In my life I certainly have travelled ... but never as far as the moon!
Current Dream
To be able to enrich the academic and wider communities with a dynamic balance of teaching, research and performance.
"kapag may tiyaga may nilaga." A Filipino proverb meaning "if you are hard working and diligent you are likely to succeed."
Favorite Books
"Zorba the Greek" by Nikos Kazantzaki. This tale of friendship between an intellectual man of books and an impulsive, earthy man of action greatly inspired me when I first read it in my late teens.
Messages for Students
Extraordinary efforts can produce extraordinary results! Strive to develop your language skills through regular practice and take every opportunity to communicate!
Publications other than one's areas of specialization
Fukushima Mimpo 19th January 2014. Aizu Relay Essay: "Three 'S's ? Soba, Sake and Samurai.""

Dissertation and Published Works

Ocampo, M. and Rockell, K. (2014). Perceived Stress, Burnout and Coping Strategies of Native and Non-Native English Speaking Teachers in Japan. Asian EFL Journal.
Rockell, K and Ocampo, M. (2014) Musicians in the Language Classroom: The Transfer of Musical Skills to Teaching a "Speech Mode of Communication "ELTED ? English Language Teacher Education and Development ? Journal. Rockell, K. (2013) The Philippine Rondalla: A Gift of Musical Heritage in a Migrant Context. International Journal of Asia Pacific Studies. Rockell, K. (2012) Rondalla Down Under. Musika Jornal 8, Center for Ethnomusicology, University of the Philippines, Quezon City. Rockell, K (2012) The Philippine Rondalla: Recreating Musical Heritage in Contemporary Australasia. Rockell, K. (2009) Fiesta: Affirming Cultural Identity in a Changing Society. Rockell, K. (2011) Research Award Recipient Fieldwork Report. NZASIA Newsletter No 22, May 2011.