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Center for Cultural Research and Studies
Senior Associate Professor
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Courses - Undergraduate
No course in English
Courses - Graduate


History and Philosophy of ScienceBritish Philosophy in the 17th centuryInformal Logic
Educational Background, Biography
2004.9 Keele University (U.K.) M.Res
2005.3 Kyoto University, Doctor of Human and Environmental Studies
2005.4-2008.3 JPPS
2005.4-2008.3 Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
2006.4-2009.9 Part-time Lecturer at Nagoya City University
2008.4-2009.9 Part-time Lecturer at Nagoya University
2009.9- Associate Professor at University of Aizu
Current Research Theme
John Locke's Epistemology in the 17th century England,Philosophy of Science on evolution theory in the 19th century England,History and Philosophy of Earth and Planetary Science,Toulmin's Model of Argument and Critical Thinking
Key Topic
EpistemologyHistory of SciencePhilosophy of ScienceCritical Thinking
Affiliated Academic Society
Japanese Society for British Philosophy;The Philosophical Association of Japan;Chubu Society of Philosophy;Philosophy of Science Society, Japan;Japan Association for Philosophy of Science;The History of Science Society of Japan;Japanese Society for Science and Technology Studies;Japan Association for Contemporary and Applied Philosophy;Japan Geoscience Union


Visit historic places, read books
School days' Dream
As an elementary school student, my dream was to take over my father's computer company. I somehow regret that I didn't take science course as I liked math best.
Current Dream
Infuse scientific research methods into "humanity" studies, thereby producing a high impact research over the world. Text mining for classics, data-base approach to simulating scientific growth, are some examples.
Seeing is believing.
Favorite Books
Descartes' Discourse on Method. This book illustrates impoartnat themes in life - how to make a revolutionary achievement, how to think clearly, how to live, etc.
Messages for Students
Try hard whatever you can do as a student. Reading difficult books, doing club activiries, going abroad with your friends, making various failures, looking for a boy/girlfriend...
Publications other than one's areas of specialization
As a student, I was mad about English debate activities. You can browse my webpage to know more about debate. There you can also find my memories when I studied in U.K.

Dissertation and Published Works

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2. Darwin and Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science Society Japan, "Philosophy of science in the 19th century England ? the controversy over natural selection", Keiso-Shobou Publication, 2011 (in Japanese)
3. Thinking Critically on Science, Technology and Society, Tetsuji Iseda,, "Should we promote breast cancer screening?", "Public investment in space science and exploration", Nagoya University Publication, 2013 (in Japanese)

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