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Center for Cultural Research and Studies
Senior Associate Professor
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Courses - Undergraduate
Physical Education1,Physical Education2,Physical Education3,Physical Education4,Theory of Physical Education, Excersise and Health
Courses - Graduate


Health and Physical Education
Educational Background, Biography
M. P. Ed. (University of Tokai)
Current Research Theme
Development in the practical experience
Key Topic
communization of practical knowledge
Affiliated Academic Society
Japan society of physical education,health and sports sciences<br>European College of Sport Science<br>Japan society of human growth and development<br>Japan society of educational technology<br>Japanese society of sports psychologyThe <br>Japanese association of health psychology


Pottering, Camp
School days' Dream
Japan national swimming athlete
Current Dream
School management
as fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, and immovable as the mountain
Favorite Books
Messages for Students
Publications other than one's areas of specialization

Dissertation and Published Works

1.,塩崎 万理 and 菅原 ますみ and 永井 徹 and 河野 健治 and 越川 房子 and 古澤 頼雄 and 伊藤 美奈子 and 荒木 友希子 and 神村 富美子 and 長田 久雄 and 野村 信威 and 川島 大輔 and 井波 和恵 and 佐藤 里織 and 伊藤 嘉奈子 and 佐々木 恵 and 中澤 謙 and 矢野 宏光,,塩崎万理,岡田努,Jan,金子書房,自己心理学3,自己心理学3 健康心理学・臨床心理学へのアプローチ,,2009,2.,鈴木 一行,,スポーツ心理学会,Dec,金子書房,,スポーツ心理学事典,,2008,3.,笠原 一也 and 他,,国立スポーツ科学センター,,国立スポーツ科学センター,,国立スポーツ科学センター年報(Vol.5),,2005