From Monday, December 22 to Tuesday, December 23, 2014, volunteers from UoA CAIST/ARC-SPACE (*1) and the local community hosted the 2nd space hackathon/idea-thon (*2) at the University of Aizu. From 6:10 p.m. on the first day, an explanatory meeting was held over supper at the cafeteria. After that, participants moved to the venue in the Research Quadrangles and worked until afternoon on the next day.

Mr. Ikehata, a graduate from the UoA in 2004, currently affiliated with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), was invited as a lecturer to provide an explanation regarding "G-Portal", a free service developed by JAXA for providing data from spaceborne sensors. A total of 14 people, including students, participated in this event with the theme of the Earth viewed from the space.

This hackathon/ideathon served as a preparatory meeting for the proposal of Aizu as local venue for the International Space Apps Challenge (ISAC) in Tokyo scheduled for the spring of 2015, an idea that has gained momentum since it was first suggested. Another ideathon will be held in Aizu prior to the event in Tokyo. Relevant information will be announced on the University Calendar and ARC-Space News. Those who are interested will be welcome to participate in the coming event at UoA.

20141222space02.jpg 20141222space03.jpg
Participants including UoA students brainstorming (left), A UoA student talking with Mr. Ikehata from JAXA (right)

20141222space04.jpg 20141222space05.jpg
UoA students, faculty, and adults working together on a team (left), Cloistered indoors as snow fell outside, the participants had plenty of refreshments to help them work all night (right)

20141222space06.jpg 20141222space07.jpg
A member from the team "JAXA for Kids," who won the grand prize in both the hackathon and ideathon categories, making a presentation (left) ,Members of the team "Farmers," who won the idea-thon category grand prize (right)

*2 ISAC in Aizu Meet-up & Pre-hackathon

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