The University of Aizu has been aiming for advanced model publicly established university of ICT field which develops leading-edge ICT human resources in multi-cultural campus. We were selected as "Top Global University" in September 2014 and with the concept of the Project, we are proceeding to foster personnel resources of ICT field.* To support this Project, we are seeking for a person for fixed-term as follows.



  1. Position

    Specific Project Education Support Staff (1 person)

  2. Qualification (points to be considered for selection)

    (1) Those who are under 64 years old as of 1 April 2019.

    (2) Those who have a Master's degree or who are expected to complete the Master's Program no later than 31 May 2019 or those who have job experience and knowledge equivalent to Master's degree.

    (3) Those who have an experience of Japanese education for international students and are able to support the students in both Japanese and English.

    (4) Those who are able to develop systematic curriculum of Japanese education and who are able to provide certificate for either one of following criteria.
    a) Those who passed Japanese Education Proficiency Test or who have equivalent knowledge and ability.
    b) Those who completed a 420 hrs. of curriculum designated by Japan Cultural Agency or who completed equivalent curriculum in abroad.

    (5) Those who are able to act as a liaison and coordinator with foreign institutes in English (TOEIC 730 and above).

    (6) Those who have a knowledge of higher education and who understand the purpose of this project and who have willingness to promote the project with faculty members of the university.

    (7) Those who have flexible thinking, cooperativeness, planning ability and energy to act to challenge new things.

  3. Position Descriptions

    (1) Assignments related to promotion of globalization
    (a) Matters of official Japanese courses with credits, including making syllabus, inputting syllabus, lectures, grading, inputting grade and instructing students for Introductory Japanese I ~ Business Japanese (7 courses).
    (b) Matters of supporting students for Job-hunting in Japan.
    (c) Other duties as required.

  4. Term of Employment

    1 April 2019 (Mon) to 31 March 2020 (Tue) (can be reappointed)

  5. First Day of Work

    1 April 2019 (Mon)

  6. Hiring Conditions

    (1) Days and Hours of Work
    Mondays through Fridays (five-day week system)
    Days off: Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays and Year-end and new-year day-off)

    (2) Salary
    215,300 yen/month

    (3) Commuting Allowance
    Depending on the method and distance for commute, based on the provision of the University (maximum 63,000 yen/month).

    (4) Insurances
    Employment, compensation, health and pension will be covered.

  7. Selecting Method


    (1) Date: 16 October 2018 (Tue)
    * Interview time will be informed after submission of application package.

    (2) Location
    Conference Room (#311), Administration Complex F3
    90, Tsuruga, Ikki-machi, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima 965-8580

  8. How to Apply

    (1) Application should include (application shall not be returned);
    a) CV
    b) Work-experience Record
     (Free format (A4 size vertical), work experience and motivation for applying for this position must be written specifically.)
    c) Copy of score sheet of TOEIC, TOFEL or equivalent test.
    d) Copy of certification of Japanese Education Proficiency Test.
    e) Copy of certification of completion for curriculum designated by Japan Culture Agency or equivalent program in foreign countries.

    (2) Submit to
    Center for Globalization Administration Office, the University of Aizu
    90, Tsuruga, Ikki-machi, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima 965-8580

    (3) Method of Submission
    Hand-carry the application package to the Center on campus yourself or mail via JP Mail Service. If you use JP Mail Service, please send all required document listed in 8, (1), a), b) and applicable document of c) to e) by delivery certified mail such as "Kani-Kakitome". If you send your application package other than delivery certified mail and any accident occurs to your application, the University shall not be responsible at all.

    (4) Deadline
    No later than 12 o'clock noon, 4 October 2018 (Tue).
    *In case of too many applications, the list would be closed before the deadline.

  9. Contact

    Mr. Muto or Ms. Hirano
    Center for Globalization, Administration Office
    Rm. 123 Research Quadrangles,
    90, Tsuruga, Ikki-machi, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima 965-8580
    Phone: 0242-37-2773
    Fax: 0242-37-2766

    *Please refer the details of the Top Global University Project of the University of Aize to;

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