Each course is allotted a certain number of credits, and students are required to earn the designated number of credits to graduate from the Undergraduate School.

(1) Academic Credits Criteria

One credit is allotted for completion of course work in the inside/outside classrooms shall be forty-five hours for relevant courses, based on calculation of the following calculation methods:

  1. One credit for each fifteen hours of a lecture
  2. One credit for each thirty hours of an exercise/practice
    Eight credits for the course, "Graduation Theses"
  3. For lectures, exercise/practice sessions, "one class session" is calculated as 2 hours.
  4. For courses consisting of one lecture and one exercise, three credits per semester (One semester consists of fifteen weeks.)
  5. For courses consisting of one lecture and two exercises, four credits per semester

* 1 academic hour = 45 minutes

(2) Accreditation of Academic Credits

Credits for courses are recognized by semester, in principle. Graduation theses for fourth-year students are conducted throughout the academic year and credits are earned by recognition of achievements of graduation theses.

(3) The Maximum Number of Credits for Registration

The upper limit of credits for registration is 28 credits per semester and 56 credits per year, excluding those of optional courses, teaching profession courses, intensive courses during vacation periods and the graduation thesis course. (Please refer to "The University of Aizu Regulation Concerning the Maximum Number of Credits for Course Registration".)

Responsibility for the wording of this article lies with Student Affairs Division

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