"Registration for courses" is mandatory to attend courses and earn credits. If you attend a course without registration, or make a mistake in the registration procedures, academic credits will not be authorized.

To avoid such trouble, you are encouraged to participate in the explanatory meeting for course registration held every academic year, and follow instructions for course registration.

(1) Selection of Fields and Tracks

By the end of the first semester in the first-year of enrollment, students select a "field" through "Introduction of Computer Science and Engineering," one of the courses in Computer Fundamental Courses, etc. Then students select a "track" taking into consideration their curriculum advisors' opinions.Changing tracks within a specified period of the semester is permitted. However, approval from the relevant curriculum advisor or graduation thesis supervisor is required.

Curriculum advisors shall be assigned for respective fields. Advice regarding course registration from class mentors and graduation thesis advisors shall also be provided to students as necessary.

(As of April 1, 2017 Titles omitted)

  1. Total Advisers
    Sugiyama, Masahide(sugiyama@u-aizu.ac.jp)
    Zhao, Qiangfu (qf-zhao@u-aizu.ac.jp)
  2. Advisers for Each Field
    [CS] Watanabe, Yodai(yodai@u-aizu.ac.jp) Mori, Kazuyoshi(k-mori@u-aizu.ac.jp)
    [SY] Saito, Hiroshi(hiroshis@u-aizu.ac.jp) Kohira, Yukihide(kohira@u-aizu.ac.jp)
    [CN] Kurokawa, Hirokuni(aiguo@u-aizu.ac.jp) Jing Lei(leijing@u-aizu.ac.jp)
    [IT] Naruse, Keitaro(naruse@u-aizu.ac.jp) Nishimura, Satoshi(nisim@u-aizu.ac.jp) Chen, Wenxi(wenxi@u-aizu.ac.jp)
    [SE] Yoshioka, Renrato(rentaro@u-aizu.ac.jp)

(2) Course Registration Planning

Students are required to formulate a course registration plan for all the courses they plan to take by their graduation, taking into account tracks they have chosen and academic interests, and check the plan from time to time. Upon registration for courses, pay attention to relations between courses based on advice from your curriculum advisers. 128 academic credits are necessary for graduation, and this should also be taken into account for course registration.

When you register for courses, it is very important to take into account courses you plan to take in the NEXT semester. Courses registered according to course registration plans shall be given priority upon registration.

(3) Selection of Courses

Courses to be registered for each semester shall be determined based on the course registration plan described above.

  1. 1st-Year Students: Regardless of tracks that students have chosen, students are required to register for "Strongly Recommended Courses".

  2. 2nd-Year Students and Higher:

    Courses for which students should register differ corresponding to individual tracks that students have selected. Courses should be registered for, based on registration models for tracks. Students must make appropriate decisions regarding course registration referring to University Regulation on the Completion of University of Aizu Studies, syllabus, class schedule, etc.

  3. Notes for students of all years

    (a) Students must make efforts to acquire academic credits within the standard year of completion for the courses.

    (b) Regarding Upper Division Courses, select "Track-Recommended Courses" of YOUR TRACK.

    (c) Please note that the number of academic credits earned only for strongly recommended courses and track recommended courses would NOT suffice for the 128 credits required for graduating from the University.

(4) Course Registration Procedures

Complete the following procedures by the designated deadline:

  1. The first semester of students' first year

    Courses (other than Strongly Recommended Courses) must be registered for by submission of the "Course Registration Form" to the Academic Affairs Section of the Student Affairs Division.

  2. After the second semester of students' first year

    Individual students are required to enter necessary information for registration of courses on the Academic Administration System, using computer on campus. (Detailed instructions will be announced separately.)

  3. Notes for students of all years

    (a) After the designated period for cancellation of registered courses and addition of courses to register for, changing of entries is not permitted, in principle. Therefore, students should consult with the Academic Affairs Section of the Student Affairs Division regarding unclear points in advance.

    (b) For some English Language Courses and Strongly Recommended Courses, students will be assigned to a certain class. For these courses, instructors and classrooms are designated, and students must register for the assigned classes in principle. Please keep in mind that there are possibilities that academic credits may not be given in cases where students register for classes other than those assigned to them.

    (c) The maximum number of credits for registration is 28 credits per semester and 56 credits per academic year, excluding credits from optional courses, teaching profession courses, intensive courses during vacation periods and the graduation thesis course.

(5) Confirmation of Course Registration

Be sure to confirm if your course registration is correct through the Academic Administration System.

Before finalization of course registration, students may be individually asked to visit the Academic Affairs Section for consultation regarding course registration. Students should pay close attention to e-mails, etc. for these types of notices.

(6) Constraints regarding Course Registration

  1. Please note the following cases:

    (a) You cannot attend classes for courses that have not been registered for.
    (b) You cannot register for courses that you have already earned credits for.
    (c) You cannot register for more than one course scheduled for the same class period.
    (d) You cannot register for courses for which you have not met the prerequisites.

  2. Students should pay attention to other courses as well, since there are other cases where registration is restricted due to the number of teachers or the number of terminals in computer exercise rooms. Also, there may be overcrowding courses due to the unbalanced number of students in each track. In such a case, registration will be adjusted. So be sure to check related announcements sent via e-mail or posted online. You cannot register for courses for which capacity has already been filled.

  3. When courses which the class capacity exceeds, students permitted to take the courses will be selected based on the instructors' policies, their standard years of completion for the courses, assignment of classes, preferred track, course registration plans, etc.

  4. Students must NOT register for courses exceeding 28 credits per semester and 56 credits per year, excluding those of optional courses, teaching profession courses, intensive courses during vacation periods and the graduation thesis course.

(7) Retaking of Courses

If you fail in a course, you can take it again next time. However, since most UoA courses accompany exercise sessions, there is a possibility that registration for courses will be limited due to the capacity of exercise rooms, etc. It is preferable to register for courses according to the courses' standard years for registration and earn academic credits in a well-planned manner.

(8) Additional Registration for Courses

In cases where students could not register for courses according to their plan due to adjustment of the number of students to the capacity for the courses after the course registration period, they will be allowed to additionally register for other courses within the designated period.

(9) Cancellation of Registered Courses

To cancel courses you have already registered for, hand in the designated form, "Course Cancellation Report" to the Student Affairs Division Academic Affairs Section within the designated period following the start of classes.

Do not keep being absent from those courses without applying for cancellation. Otherwise, assessment for those courses will be "Drop," and GPA (refer to "14. (3) GPA" below) will drop. This will bring disadvantages at job-seeking activities, application for scholarship programs, application for tuition exemption, etc.

Responsibility for the wording of this article lies with Student Affairs Division

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