(for Students of the Partner Universities)

Application Method

Apply at the section in charge of academic affairs at the university where you are enrolled. The students' desired courses will be officially applied to the University of Aizu through their home academic institutions, etc.

  • For the courses of the 1st semester(Q1,Q2) - The First Friday of April
  • For the courses of the 2st semester(Q3,Q4) - The Second Friday of September

※Application deadline for academic institutions may possibly be changed a few days earlier than the dates noted above. Please confirm application deadlines with the relevant administrative contact to make sure the application is submitted before the deadline.List of courses for which credits will be transferable under the inter-university credit transfer system.

Courses Offered at the University of Aizu

List of the Courses offered for the Credit Transfer System
CategoryCourse Name
Humanities and Social Sciences H01 Philosophy
H03 Psychology
H04 Linguistics
H09 Jurisprudence
H11 Sociology
H12 Constitution of Japan
H13 International Relations
H16 Theory of Physical Education
H17 History of Science
English Language Courses
* Interview by a relevant instructor
may be required in advance.
E01 Listening and Speaking 1
E02 Reading and Writing 1
E03 Listening and Speaking 2
E04 Reading and Writing 2
E05 Interemediate English A
E06 English for Active Communication
E07 Listening and Reading 4
EL1 Advanced English Acquisition
EL2 Advanced Professsional English Applications
EL3 Advanced English and Technology
Mathematics M01 Linear Algebra I
M02 Linear Algebra II
M03 Calculus I
M04 Calculus II
M05 Fourier Analysis
M07 Probability and Statistic
M08 Applied Algebra
M09 Mathematical Logic
M11 Applied Geo. and Top.
Natural Sciences NS01 Dynamics
NS02 Electromagnetism
NS03 Quantum Mechanics
NS05 Thermodyn. and Stat. Mech
Computer Fundamentals L10 Intro. Multimedia Systems
Foundations of CSE F02 Information Theory
F03 Discrete Systems
F13 Computational Geometry

(Reference)Academia Consortium Fukushima

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